Marine Loading Arms

To load or unload a ship, a hose or loading arm is needed to follow the movement of the ship due to the dynamics of changing draft, changing tide, wind and other factors.

A Marine Loading Arm offers a significant improvement over a hose in the transfer of liquids between vessel and shore because It provides an easier and more ergonomic operation, gives longer service life and permits Emergency Release Action without any spillage of product and without any pollution.

Our Marine loading arms are manufactured in line with the latest requirements of OCIMF and demands of major oil companies.KANON Marine loading arms require minimal maintenance and all product seals can be replaced without the need of cranes or dismantling the loading arm itself.

Consists of a symmetric construction, fully balance is provided by means of a rigid pantograph link, which connects the outboard arm to the counterweight. Special care has been given to the rotating pivots of the pantograph bar both in design and in material selection thus assuring smooth operation with minimum maintenance.

Commonly used on chemical sites where it is not possible to mix-up different products in one product line.

Commonly used for products with dangerous vapours and low vapour pressures.

Commonly used for products with dangerous vapours and high vapour pressures.