Patrick Franklin

Founder and Ex-CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems, an organization for detection and quantitation of regulated chemicals contaminants in potable water. On-line and real-time, automated and unattended, 24/7 water metrology tools that provide actionable information to the water treatment industry.

Currently he is in the advisory committee for Brasten Group of Companies for Analytical Business, stationed in Thailand. He brings in valuable experience to the management team and provides abatement solution for all water based projects/industries. He is also a Member Board of Directors with AMS.

Amollada Khamnuan

Amollada is on our advisory committee, providing succinct and actionable support to all CSR activities, that Brasten Group contributes through Bhima Cares Foundation. An activist, who has a flair and commitment for the wellbeing of the society and human rights improvement initiatives. Has international business exposure being an entrepreneur and served for the leading Airlines in Thailand.

She holds graduate in Management course from Thammasat University and Master’s Degree in Community Development.

Makoto Saito – Analytical Business Consultant

Makoto San is our new consultant for Analytical Business.

He brings in vast experience with industry domain knowledge in all verticals, however more in the water treatment and water related segments. Has provided consultancy to various Japanese users, who are concerned about water quality management.

A Graduate from an Australian University, started his career with legal firm, took up the position of Sales Manager with TOSC, Japan. His primary responsibility was to address the challenges faced in Water Treatment Plants. In 2016, Makoto San joined Aquas Corporation, one of the major Japanese water treatment engineering companies and relocated to Thailand. Currently in Japan taking care of International procurement and is part of Brasten Analytical Business Unit as the Advisor.